“It’s a fascinating juxtaposition and Miyamoto embodies it fully with tremendous clarity and presence. ” “One is left with a sense of perseverance and strength in this beautifully realized journey and fusion.” – The Dance Current, Toronto, Canada

“Miyamoto’s astonishing act of gender-bending is one of consummate grace and delicate femininity.” –The Globe and Mail, Toronto, Canada

Chosen one of the three best dance works of 2009; “This March duet between bharatanatyam dancer Navtej Johar and Canada-based Japanese performer Hiroshi Miyamoto was consciously anti-exotic.” –Time Out, New Deli, India

“Poignant duets give the work its soul”・ “These excellent dancers have a strong presence whether moving as one or as individuals. What emerges is a search for sunya (India) or Zen (Japan) – the journey at the heart of their diverse spiritualities.”・ “While Mango Cherry Mix expresses emotional loss, Johar and Miyamoto have also found an experience they can share. The moment of sunya and Zen is within their grasp.” –The Globe and Mail, Toronto, Canada

“He moves in his own sphere, with a delicious air of the unattainable”・ “…one of the most compelling and alluring dancers” ・ “a master of seductive movement, every centimeter of his slender body radiates with spiritual energy, and his eyes are so captivating.”- Oberon’s Grove, NY, USA

“lyrical mover, a result of his many-layered training”-The Globe and Mail, Toronto, Canada

“….deep inward-looking power in his dance”- The Hindu, New Delhi, India